Worldwide Best Office Chairs Scholarship Program

We are granting Best Office Chairs scholarships of $500 to students of different programs. All students who have passed the graduation with a good CGPA of 3.0 are welcome to apply for our scholarship.

In this program, we will give them the award twice a year for all those students who fall under the eligibility criteria, and our selection committee selects them.

Our mission

We are aware of the need for quality education and realize the importance of scholarships. We know that many students can’t afford quality education just because they lack the financial resources that they need for education.

Our mission is that no potential student should leave study just because they lack financial resources. Our easy to secure scholarships are the first step from our side in this path. We are looking at highly professional students that have the passion, hope, courage, skills, and motive to get this type of prestigious scholarship.

How to Apply?

Well, the application process is very simple. We don’t want to leave any candidate just because he or she has fewer marks in the previous exams. We want to base our decision solely on the skills and will of the students to pursue their higher studies.

We have kept a very simple method to apply for our scholarship. You must sit down against your screens and write a short essay from 800-1500 words to explain yourself. The topic may cover subjects like:

  • Who are you, and from where do you belong?
  • What is your educational background?
  • What field of study do you wish to pursue?
  • How this scholarship is important for you, and how will you use this opportunity for a better future?
  • Are you planning to pay back to the community? If yes, how could you help others once you enter the professional life?

If you are serious about applying at this scholarship and avail it, we expect that you will spare some time out of your schedule and write this application. It will hardly take some minutes for you to write these details. However, it will give us a clear idea about which candidates are perfect for our scholarship.

These short essays will allow us to give equal opportunity to all people. We will read all of them and only shortlist the best ones among you for the next phase. So, make sure to write the best one.

Last date:

Please send all required information to: [email protected] on or before May 20, 2021.

Who is eligible to apply?

While we kept the application process simple, there is some prerequisite that you must fulfill before you apply here. These are related to your old education, and we are asking just to know if you fulfill the basic needs for this level of education. Remember that marking in the old education will not affect your application in any way.

So, our basic requirement for this scholarship is that the student must have either an undergraduate degree or taking education in their final semester. So, at the time when the first semester starts here, they must have finished their UG studies.

When it comes to subjects, so we prefer them to have complete knowledge of subjects. The reason for this restriction is that students who have studied these subjects have better knowledge about the degree and will study easily at this degree.

For those students that have applied previously but couldn’t manage to the selection, we welcome them again. They must have got new skills, and we think that it is very likely that these students will manage this time.

Who are we?

We are one of the successful companies in the field of Office Chairs. We have a team of highly motivated and skilled workers from diverse fields. Our clients trust us because we deliver the best quality.

We want to pay back to the community that helped us in becoming successful. Investing in youth is one of the best ways to pay back to our community. When we invest our efforts on the youth, we expect them to study with full concentration and become a successful professional in the future.

You can visit our website Worldwide Best Office Chairs to have a look at our business. We believe in merit and skills and welcome people from any class who possess the skills that we need.