Best Office Chairs For Gaming Review and Buyer Guide 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Looking for a fancy yet ergonomic Best office chairs for Gaming?

Ah! You seem to be a smart person who knows gaming chairs are not only for show off.  They are supposed to be comfortable and well supporting your body during the long hours you spend in front of your gaming setup.

Having a good quality gaming chair is essential for your gaming empire as they protect you from back and neck pain, muscle soreness, numbness, resultantly keep you energetic and increase your productivity.

Let’s find out,

Top Picks

GTRACING Gaming Chair
Homall Gaming & Office Chair

Best Office Chairs for Gaming

Now that you have decided to treat your body with the best gaming chairs, then let us help you find your perfect gaming throne. It should be one that is ergonomically built, comfortable in use, reasonable in price yet adds into the aesthetics of your gaming space. PS Some of the office and gaming chairs are good to use interchangeably.

So here we filter out some of the Best Gaming Office Chairs among these you may find your perfect match.

List Of Best Office Chairs For Gaming

Nokaxus Gaming Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
GTRacing Gaming Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
PC Gaming Chair Massage Office Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Homall Gaming & Office Chair ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
GTRACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Nokaxus Gaming Chair:

If you are a big guy and looking for the Best office chairs for Gaming that will genuinely last, then you gotta check Nokaxus gaming chair model YK-6007, and the good news is that it is available in seven different colors. Besides this, the design is truly ergonomic, and all the thick padding and wide soft pillows make it a perfect comfy gaming throne.

So let’s take a closer look!


High-quality PU leather is used not only for the whole upholstery but also for the tires with the purpose of protecting the floor from scratching. Overall the frame is made up of luxurious steel that makes it more reliable, and for further durability and comfortable cushioning, a high-density sponge is used.

For seat lifting, the manufacturer used SGS Class 3 barometer, which is strong enough to serve the purpose. Collectively, it came up as a solid unit that can stand up to 350 pounds of weight. Don’t miss out the dimensions: 33.07(W)x 25.59(D) x 12.6(H) inches.

Best Office Chairs For Gaming



 Adjustable Height 

You can adjust the height of the seat according to your need or convenience. Also, the height of handrails can effortlessly be set in according to your comfort.

 Adjustable Back Angle 

Well, well! This is not only to give you a comfortable gaming experience. You can adjust the back at any position between 90 to 180 degrees and can have rest, watch a movie in full cozy mode, or can even take a nap if you are too sleepy to go to your bed.

 Back Massage Pillow 

It does not bring along just a simple back pillow to give lumbar support like that of others. What makes it stand out is the waist massage capability the pillow provides to relieve waist fatigue.

The massage motion in the pillow is powered by a USB function. Thus besides giving support to your lumbar, the pillow will let you enjoy a quick waist massage too.

 +30% thicker seat 

It has a +30% thicker high-density cushion sponge seats that make it not only incredibly comfortable but also increases its life.

 Head/ Neck Rest Pillow 

The Head pillow is adjustable. It is good for resting your neck and head support during the long hours you spend on the PC.

 Retractable Footrest 

It also has a retractable footrest, so if you want to stretch your legs and give rest to your feet during long hours of gaming, then simply pull out the footrest and make your legs comfortable.

 360 Degrees Rotation 

Another cool thing is that it is highly flexible and can rotate at 360 degrees.

Bottom Line

Trust us guys, at a reasonable price this can be your perfect gaming throne. The chair is easy to assemble, gives great support and comfort. If You are heavy and tall and want a chair that lasts longer, then get your hands on this one without thinking much as it is large and reliable. Also, the 180 degrees recline, wide shoulder area, footrest, and thicker seat makes it incredibly comfortable. It truly saves you from pain and soreness and lets you spend hours in front of your PC without exhaustion. Though we wish if the back massage pillow could give a little more powerful massage, yet it’s not a sticking point. Talking of drawbacks, then honestly we couldn’t find any serious, but one is that it is huge and maybe a little bigger for short guys below 5’8″.
  • Retractable Footrest
  • Head Rest Pillow
  • Back Massage Pillow
  • 180 degrees recline
  • Thick Padding
  • Variety of colors
  • Massage system is not that powerful


2. GTRacing Gaming Chair:

The second chair on our Best office chairs for Gaming list comes from the popular brand GT racing is an expert in manufacturing heavy-duty racing style gaming and office chairs.

The model under consideration here is GT099, which is not only pretty in its look but has a perfectly ergonomic design that makes it not only the best choice for gamers but also ensures comfortable studying or work hours. Furthermore, it has a variety of colors to choose from.

Wanna know more?


It is a well-constructed gaming chair that is made up of heavy-duty material so it can serve you for a longer period. Durability is one of the most remarkable features of gaming chairs, as you can not change it very often.

Keeping this in mind, the basic frame of a chair is made up of solid matter that is not only to give strength and longevity but also to provide a comfortable seating position.

The whole upholstery is of smooth PU leather whereas the seat, backrest, lumbar cushion, and head pillows are thickly padded. With dimensions 20.86″(W) x 21.26″(D) x 48.82″-51.97″(H), this has a maximum 330 pounds weight capacity.

Best Office Chairs For Gaming


 Highly Adjustable Backrest 

This features a highly bendable backrest that allows you to set the backrest of the chair at several different angles between 90 to 170 degrees, which makes it a multifunctional chair. This means you are not bound to use it only as a gaming chair but can convert into a good recliner too. It can effortlessly rock back and forth and that too without noise.

 Detachable Head pillow and lumbar cushion 

It is accompanied by a detachable head pillow that is to give you neck support and a lumbar cushion to provide support to the waist and lower back.

 Adjustable Armrests 

It lets you adjust the armrest according to your ease and requirement. The armrests are movable not only in up and down position but also side by side.

 5 point base 

Its heavy-duty 5-point base with nylon smooth-rolling casters is another notable feature that allows plain sailing mobility and protects the floor from getting scratches.

 Adjustable Height 

The height of the seat is also adjustable according to your height, like almost all the other gaming chairs.

Bottom line

GTracing gaming chair GT009 is, without any doubt, one of the Best office Gaming chairs that, with its high back ergonomic design suits all body types. It’s high quality, super comfy chair, and the best choice if you wanna treat your bodies during hours-long gaming sessions. We definitely would be happy if footrest was present and armrests were padded, but still, it’s not a deal-breaker.
  • Pretty beautiful racing car design
  • Removable head pillow and lumbar cushion
  • Thickly padded seat and backrest
  • Can swivel at 360 degrees
  • Recline between 90 to 170 degrees
  • No footrest is available
  • Armrests are not padded
  • Assemblage is a little tricky


3. PC Gaming Chair Massage Office Chair:

This is the third pick for our Best office chairs for Gaming list. If you are looking for a reasonable yet modern-looking chair that can go with your gaming setup or need one to give comfort during long working hours, then you gotta check this one out.

So let’s get to it!


This is one of the well-built office chairs that is made up of high-quality material to ensure its reliability and long life. The frame, as well as the base of the chair, is done up with heavy-duty metal, whereas the seat and backrest are thickly padded, and the shape is good to suit any type of body.

The outer covering is of soft PU leather and breathable premium mesh. Collectively all this makes it one truly strong chair that can bear weight up to 250 lbs, and the dimensions are 26(W) x 27(D) x 48(H) inches.

Best Office Chairs For Gaming


 Adjustable height 

It gives you the freedom to adjust the height of the seat according to your requirement. It is a good feature that makes the chair suitable for both tall and short individuals.

 Lumbar massage System 

It’s not just another office or gaming chair, but it features a vibrator in the lumbar support part that has a remote control too. It turns into a massaging chair by inserting the cable into the USB port. Vibrator gives massage to your lower back area during the long hours of work to minimize fatigue and pain. 

 High-Quality Seat 

The seat is thickly padded with a high-class sponge cushion that ensures minimum pressure and maximum comfort. You can spend hours in this beautiful yet comfy chair. 

 Removable Neck/Head Rest Pillow 

To protect your neck from soreness, it brings along a neck rest pillow, which is wide and thickly padded to give proper support to your neck. This pillow is easily removable, and you can adjust it in the right position easily by moving it up and down.

 Flip-up, padded armrests 

One of the remarkable features of this buddy is its flip-up designed padded armrest that adds into its ergonomic characteristic. Padded armrests are soft and give proper support to your arms while you are working, and the flip-up design is helpful as with this you can fold them up and push the chair under the desk when not in use.

 360 degrees swivel 

It can spin at 360 degrees that allows you to multitask while sitting on a chair. The soft nylon casters are safe to move on wooden or any kind of floor as they don’t leave scratches. Furthermore, it sails smoothly from place to place.

 Flex control 

It can rock back and forth and has the capability to flex at 125 degrees max. It has a tilt tension knob placed beneath the seat, which lets you control the tilting of the chair according to your requirement or can also lock it to stay intact in one place.

Bottom line

This is one of the Best office chairs for Gaming in a pretty low budget, which makes it a good option for those who cannot afford highly expensive gaming chairs. One of the best features is the use of breathable mesh along with PU leather for upper covering. But if you are taller, then this may not suit you as you would love to have a chair with a little larger back. The massaging system is not really powerful and makes noise. Another drawback is that it lacks footrest and back recline. If you can manage without then go for it, at such a low price, it is a good buy.
  • Reasonable Price
  • High-Class material is used.
  • Variety of Colors available
  • Lumbar Massage system
  • Neckrest Pillow is useful.
  • Foldable Armrests
  • Armrests are padded
  • Lacks footrest footrest
  • The backrest can be bent max 125 degrees
  • A cord of the lumbar Massaging system is short


4. Homall Gaming & Office Chair – High Back Computer Chair:

If you are looking forward to getting a nice comfy chair for your office room or one as a gaming throne for your gaming empire, then have a look at the fourth item from our list of Best Office Chairs for Gaming.

It pretty much looks like a racing car’s seat and is designed very ergonomically. Moreover, it allows you to choose from a wide range of colors available. That’s not all, besides the look, it has much to provide you comfiness.

So let’s get into it!


The chair is made up of high-density shaping foam, which is covered by a quality PU leather that makes it reliable and adds in its resistance against damage. The frame of the chair is created with sturdy thick steel metal which provides it strength and durability.

Moreover, the base of the chair is no less in the standard. The casters are of rubber, which rolls smoothly and marks no scratches on the floor. For lifting the seat up and down class 3 gas lift verified by SGS is used. Dimensions are 19.8(W) x 20.5(D) x 47.8(H) inches, and the weight it can bear is up to 300lbs.

Best Office Chairs For Gaming


 Adjustable Height 

The height of the seat can be adjusted according to an individual’s needs, which makes it useful for the guys with different heights. You can simply adjust the height by pulling the handle placed right under the seat.

 Sturdy but soft padding 

The thick padding used for the seat is of high-class shaping foam, which is sturdy but pretty soft. Similarly, the backrest of the chair is also padded in a way that nicely supports your posterior, and you can spend hours and hours in your chair with comfort.

 Back recline 

The back of the chair is flexible and has the ability to tilt backward by 150 degrees. Though the default position for locking the chair at uring work is straight-up 90 degrees, but you are free to set the back at any degree between 90 to 150 according to your requirement.

 Head and Waist Pillow 

It brings along two pillows, one for providing extra cushion and support to your lower back and the other one to give rest and support to your neck and head. They are good in size and thickly padded. Both the pillows are adjustable.

 Rocking Function 

By adjusting the knob placed beneath the seat, you can convert it into a rocking chair that rocks back and forth. It glides smoothly and doesn’t make any kind of irritating sound.

 360 degrees Swivel 

The wheels present at the base are stylish and are designed similar to racing cars wheels. They can move in multidirectional ways, and the chair is capable of swiveling at 360 and is not rough.

Bottom Line

The chair is easy to assemble, gives excellent support, and is very comfortable for long periods of gaming. The padding is great, and the size of the chair is well balanced that can go well with huge guys too. Talking of a downside, what we really didn’t like is that armrests are intact, and it doesn’t have a footrest. However, still, it’s not a deal-breaker for us, but that is totally a personal preference.
  • Adjustable Height
  • Padding is great
  • Smooth-rolling on surface
  • Excellent support and comfort
  • 300lbs weight limit
  • Available in seven colors
  • Armrests are not adjustable
  • Don’t have a footrest


5. GTRACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers:

Now the last chair in our Best Office Chairs for Gaming list is from a popularly known brand for manufacturing gaming chairs. Yes, we are talking about GTracing and know what, the chair I am talking about will not only treat your bodies but will also take your gaming experience to the next level.

Curious to know How? Well, keep reading then!


The item is made of a strong metal frame that is to give a perfect comfortable seating position and a high-density foam for padding, which ensures support to your body. However, this is skinned with PU leather, which not only adds to its durability but also makes it more resistant.

The base of the chair is also sturdy with nylon casters that are smooth rolling on all surfaces. With all the high-class material, the chair is made capable of holding weight up to 300lbs. Dimensions are 32(W) x 26(D) x 14(H) inches.


 Two Bluetooth Speakers 

Having two built-in Bluetooth enabled speakers is one of the remarkable features of this chair. These speakers are ideally positioned in the chair, which can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device to give you a high-quality sound experience while playing a game, listening to music, or watching a movie.

This really takes the entertainment level to the next level. You’re supposed to charge it for three hours, which will give 5 to 6 hours of playtime. And guess what, the sound range of speakers is up to 5 meters.

 Adjustable Height 

It allows you to adjust the height of not only the seat but also the armrests according to your requirement and ease.

 Retractable footrest 

It is equipped with a footrest too, which is installed under the seat. If your feet need to rest, you can simply pull it out and rest your feet on the soft padded footrest.

 Back reclining 

If you are tired after sitting straight, then take a moment to lean back and relax. Yes, you can do it while staying in your chair, as it allows you to bend the back for up to 170 degrees.

 Rocking System 

It is a highly flexible chair, as it can also serve as a rocking chair that can smoothly rock back and forth without friction or noise. There is a knob place under the seat, which is to be adjusted to convert it into a rocking chair.

 Head and Waist Rest 

It also has a removable headrest, which is to give support to your neck and a waist cushion, which does the same function for the lumbar region. These both are thickly padded and serve their purpose well.

Bottom line

With all the top class features, this is an awesome gaming chair, and we totally recommend it. It is super comfy, gives perfect support to your posterior, and also levels up your gaming setup with its Bluetooth speaker. Speakers are excellent and pair seamlessly with any Bluetooth enabled device. High quality is easy to claim, but with this one, we are totally impressed. Honestly, well worth the cash!
  • Excellent in providing comfort and support
  • Sturdy and Reliable
  • Bluetooth enabled Speakers
  • Adjustable seat and armrests
  • Retractable footrest
  • Reclining Back up to 170 degrees
  • Easy to assemble
  • 360 degrees swivel capability
  • Available in different colors
  • Slightly higher in price
  • Weight is a little more
  • Armrests are not padded


Buying Guide

There are many renowned brands that offer a vast range of office and gaming chairs with a variety of top features. It is not easy to choose one from among a huge number of options. We totally understand, more the options, more the confusion. But fret not!  We are here to your rescue.

Though we have compiled a list of Best office chairs for Gaming above, it’s still pretty much normal to get confused. You should consider following before buying.

Now, What are these?

Let’s Dig in!


The chair in which you are going to spend most of your time should be ergonomically designed. By this, we mean it should be designed in a way that provides you with maximum support and comfort. Some of the basic characteristics that make the chair ergonomic are adjustable seat height, adjustable armrests, high support for the neck, back and lumber, high reclining capability, and has a footrest. Armrests are of great importance in a gaming chair as they play a role in improving your skill in-game, so these should be checked for.


Durability is one of the most significant features that cannot be overlooked while buying a gaming chair. I am sure no one would like to spend hundreds of bucks on a chair that lasts only for a few months. So always check the material used in its construction.

 Weight Capacity and Height Suitability 

Another notable feature to consider while buying a gaming chair is its capacity to hold weight and height. Gaming chairs have different capacities to bear weight, and each chair comes with different height recommendations. So get a chair that suits your height and weight.


Dimensions of the gaming chair are also noteworthy as every gaming chair comes with different dimensions and does not go with all the body types. For example, the seats of some of the chairs are narrower, which is not comfortable for a person who is bulky. Similarly, it is not logical to get an extra huge chair when you are lean. Not only the body type, but it also gives you a fair idea about the appropriate size of the gaming chair according to the space you have to keep it in.

 Price Comparison 

It is always wise to do a price comparison before buying anything instead of blindly spending your hard-earned money. Every chair comes with some extra features or lacks some. So, whenever you are going to buy a gaming chair, compare the price with its features and do your calculations if it is really worth the price. Also, every individual has different preferences, so make sure to spend on a chair that has everything you prefer.


Q.1 What chair do gamers use?

Pro gamers always invest in some of the top-quality gaming chairs because you can perform well when you are feeling well. The best gaming chairs provide you with good body support and ultimate comfort that keeps you safe from fatigue, soreness, back pain, and numbness. This indirectly increases your concentration in-game and is directly beneficial for health in the long run.

Q.2 Are gaming chairs bad for the back?

No, but only if the chair is of high quality. They give support to your back, keep your posture correct, strengthen and relax your core muscles, and keep your neck and shoulders strain-free. Consequently, they are not only good for your health but also increase your productivity.

Q.3 Are gaming chairs worth the money?

Gaming chairs are totally worth the money as it is not only to enhance the aesthetics of your gaming space or office, but it truly provides comfort. People who spend hours in front of a PC should invest in a gaming chair as they straighten your posture and are good for your health.

Q.4 Can you sleep in a gaming chair?

Why not? You definitely can sleep in a gaming chair as now most of the gaming chairs come with a reclining feature with a maximum of 180 degrees that allows you to lay on a back. Also, the footrest can prove as a bonus if present with the chair.

Q.5 How much should I spend on a gaming chair?

This totally depends on your preferences. There are gaming chairs available for under $100 and also above $500 depending upon their quality and feature. So before spending on a gaming chair, be clear about the features and quality you want and invest accordingly.


After thorough research, we have reviewed some of the Best office chairs for Gaming in detail, followed by a buyer’s guide. We put all this effort so you can make a perfect purchase. Even if you’re still confused and ask us, then we recommend you to get your hands on “GTracing Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers.” However, if you are not interested in chairs with speakers, then the “Homall Gaming Chair” is also a good choice. We would love to know which one you decided to get. Also, if you have any queries, write to us, and we will be more than happy to help you. Good Luck!

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