Best Office Chairs For Pregnancy Review and Buyer Guide 2022

Working for hours in a seated position with bad posture may not only increase your body pain but do leave a bad impact on you and your baby’s physical and mental health. However, the best office chairs for pregnancy will come for your rescue.

What does this mean for you?

Work in your office now with a comfortable seat and make your worksite soothing for you. This is all now in a single package. Wonder not! Because the best office chairs for pregnancy are nowhere to help you attain a comfy and cozy environment to work in a while being pregnant.

Top Picks

Magshion Office Chair
OFM Essentials Chair

Best Office Chairs For Pregnancy

Now let’s get ahead to our top 6 best office chairs for pregnancy. After all, they are going to make your body at ease, pain-free, comfortable, and will even benefit your mind with soothing and calmness, all while during pregnancy hard times.

List Of Best Office Chairs For Pregnancy

Lorell High-Back Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
OWLN office chair:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Work Pro (R) Quantum Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
BERLMAN Ergonomic Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐
Magshion Office Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
OFM Essentials Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Lorell High-Back black Mesh Chair – Best Fit

Lorell High-Back black fabric seat is a smooth mesh style chair that has a workplace efficiency in pregnancy. It cradles your hard day with its super sleek design. For that, it offers ergonomic support for your back and has smooth-rolling casters for easy chair movements.


This chair offers the 5-star nylon base with infused fiber-glass along with modern Y style mesh back, solely designed to provide superior comfort, air circulation, and lumbar support. For further support and comfort, this chair holds out a suspended seat with embedded rubber bands of high density that makes the seat springy and super soft.

For setting the seat’s direction, it has integrated seat sliders. Furthermore, it includes seat-height adjustment mechanism, five back-lock positions for ease, and the two-paddle process is done in one-touch.

It has a six-way arms movement for comfy support. Its front edge rises due to synchronized tilt control if you want to lean back. And if you desire, its back lock prevents you from reclining.

Best Office Chairs For Pregnancy

Key Features


Performance-wise, this is one of the best office chairs for pregnancy. At the same time, it has a favorable price as compared to the specs it offers. It is so cozy that you can perform lengthy hours work with complete dexterity having no aches and troubles at all.

 Weight capacity 

This chair holds a weight capacity of 250 Ib. Its height from the floor can be adjusted from17″ to 21″ inches. It offers five years limited warranty.

 Easy to use 

What more is, it has multi-function mechanisms. It’s back and seat angle can be adjusted independently and will lock into your desired position. You can easily adjust your arms height and width for a better fit.

It is certified by Green-guard and has exceeding standards from ANSI/BIFMA.

Bottom line

It’s a sleek mesh style with ergonomic comfort.  Every single feature of it is specifically designed to provide comfort and relaxation for pregnant women during their office routine hard- work. It is not only cost-effective, but off-course, it is going to be the best office chairs for pregnancy hard-times.
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fits a wide range of body sizes
  • Up-down handles are of cheap quality


2. OWLN Ergonomic high back mesh office chair – Stylish Pick

The OWLN Ergonomic high back mesh office chair is an adjustable headrest and armrest desk chair that is going to make your pregnancy period super comfortable, while you are performing office tasks or managing home duties. This chair is going to work best for you!


OWLN Ergonomic high back mesh office chair is made with high-quality breathable mesh material, which encourages the cool airflow to your back and helps you stay cool throughout the day and, of course, keeps your back sweat-free.

Its dimensions 31 x 31 x 31 are perfect to be used by pregnant women and have a super supportive design to support your back and neck.

It is superficially designed to help pregnant women in attaining a comfortable zone while working. If you ever need to take a rest for short, recline this chair slightly and enjoy your break from long hour hard-work.

Best Office Chairs For pregnancy

Key Features


The OWLN ergonomic high back mesh is a state-of-the-art office chair equipped with various adjustable features that suit your different needs.

 Weight capacity 

This chair supports up to 330Ib weight and has extensive adjustable features, Hence, making it easy to find the most comfortable position.

It is a contemporary task chair with a high back design of flexible mesh back material. This is built to provide lumbar support. It offers a triple paddle control mechanism with infinite-locking back angle adjustment, this all to attain high comfy scenario.

 Customized features 

It has an adjustable armrest, pneumatic seat height adjustment up to 1.75” inches up and down, and tilts lock mechanism with a tilt tension knob. These adjustments are there to attain different statures and postures during work during pregnancy.

Now to support easy mobility, this chair features smooth-rolling PU casters with heavy-duty base, So, to make you work in a simple steady environment.

Bottom line

This chair is going to suit you well if you weigh up to 330 Ib. Furthermore, it is super easy and cozy and makes you feel at home during your long tiring work-hours.
  • Super-sleek design
  • Superior back and neck support
  • Breathable mesh
  •  Low durability


3. Work Pro (R) Quantum 9000 Ergonomic Chair – Comfort Choice

The pregnancy chair you buy for office work should be easy and must be comfortable. It should be made of high-quality soft and skin-friendly material so that you can sit on it for hours. Here all your problems boom up with a single solution: Work-Pro Quantum 9000 Ergonomic Series.


Work-Pro Quantum 9000 Ergonomic Series is a mid-back mesh with a black fabric office chair. Its Nylon frame offers strength and stability. Its built-in adjustments let you enjoy breathable comfort and a customized overall feel.

This mesh chair is easy to get in with. Backrest and seat cushioning work together for your comfort. The sloping seat style makes you sit for long periods with easy legs. The lumbar cushioning supports your spine curve and lower back, making your body pain-free after long-term static posture.

Best Office Chairs For Pregnancy

Key Features


This chair features a breathable mesh backrest with multiple adjustments so that you can customize your personal preferences. The adjustable seat cushion helps in reducing stress on your legs.

 Customized features 

Synchro-tilt helps you to keep the proper balance as you relax. Tilt-lock makes you able to lock the chair into your desired position. Height- adjustable width arms accommodate your preferences. It also meets ANSI/BIFMA performance standards.

 Weight capacity 

Its estimated weight capacity is 250Ib. It is recommended for intensive use for 8 hours. It comes with ten years of limited warranty.

Bottom line

Work-Pro Quantum 9000 Ergonomic Series offers a comfy zone to work in with. For this, it features seat cushioning and sloppy style. What more is, it is best for pregnant working women but can also be used by office workers for working with ease in a comfortable and homey zone.
  •   Cushioned seats
  •   Sloppy seat style
  •   Comfortable mesh back
  •   Low durability

4. BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Task Desk Chair – Best Quality

BERLMAN ergonomic high back task desk chair comes with adjustable armrest, headrest, and lumbar support. Its back support is made up of top mesh material that will help you to remain cool and sweat-free in a long tiring working day. It is the best option for working women with pregnancy.


BERLMAN ergonomic high back task desk chair has an integrated system that provides you with great lumbar and back support. A gentle curved on the Berlman’s back matches the shape of your spine nicely. Hence, it is a great support and comfort for your back.

What more is, the top mesh material allows great airflow even after prolonged contact with the chair. There is also a basic lumbar stripe that is designed to support your waist, but unfortunately, it’s rather fragile as compared to higher-end chairs.

Best Office Chairs For Pregnancy

Key Features

 Weight capacity 

BERLMAN ranks high on the list for the best budget ergonomic chair with a headrest. It comes with a 300 Ib. weight capacity and a 1-year warranty.


To make you work free from any stress and tension, this chair is offering you tilt tension knob, pneumatic lift, and adjustable arms so that you can work in your desired best position.


Its star leg design and five caster wheels hold 250 pounds capacity despite being low in price. Hence, it is better to say it is cost-effective.

This chair is highly pliable because you can simply flip its arms up and slip the chair under the table. Hence, this chair also serves to save room space.

Bottom line

This product of Zenith is not only suitable for pregnant women but also is a source of great comfort for employees working in a 24-seven long tiring cycle. So, if you want to work best with a lot of workloads, the BERLMAN ergonomic high back task desk chair is designed just for you!
  • Comfortable headrest
  • Breathable backrest
  • One year limited warranty
  •    No arm-padding


5. Magshion Office Desk Chair – Durable Pick

Magshion office desk chair offers a sheer professional fashion look while providing all day long comfort. Due to its beautiful design, it is perfect for salon, makeup commercial, Vanity seat, restaurant, bar, office, home, and even for barbershops. It comes with a special Tatami style and holds all the features to make you feel cozy and comfy.


Magshion office desk chair is a round leather chair with soft, springy paddings. Its beautiful design and nice layout make it soft and comfortable for years to come.

This chair features a splendid fabric seat with a mid-back for a premier look. This makes it a smart, stylish, and elegant solution for any application.

It comes with various other exotic features that bring versatility and durability to it. Hence, it’s a perfect chair model for you to work in with!

Key Features


This chair features armrests, footrests with comfy seat rich in microfibrils. To make your body at a full rest position, it has the foldable back and adjustable headrest, which are ergonomically designed to mold the contour of your back.

 Personalized chair 

To better support your back and help proper body alignment, this chair can be adjusted to different heights with five positions.

 Weight capacity 

Its capacity is 220 Ib. It has a 360-degree swivel that offers various range of motion with hooded twin wheel casters, hence, allowing you to do multi-tasking in multi-dimensions.

Bottom line

Magshion office desk chair is a multi-purpose dream work chair. Its sleek and beautiful design makes it rock in an almost every-day accessory field. Hence, if you want a modern and comfy solution for your worksite, bring it in!
  •      Beautiful design
  •      360-degree swivel
  •      Highly durable
  •     A little pricey

6. OFM Essentials Collection High Back Office Chair – Luxury Pick

OFM essentials collection high back office chair features the super materials that provide you with super luxury and comfort during long, intense work hours. This multi-purpose chair has 250Ib weight capacity and is known for its OFM limited lifetime warranty.


OFM essentials collection high back office chair is a racing-style soft thread black leather chair.

Its seat is elevated by the heat-pressed diamond pattern that provides a modern touch. This chair features ultra-push segmented padding with breathable soft thread leather mesh, which provides a luxurious feel to the touch.

It also has an integrated headrest with lumbar support that keeps you safe in its cushioned details. The padded arms provide a reliable and comfy structure for support.

Key Features

 Weight capacity 

This multi-purpose chair has a weight capacity of 250 Ib. It has integrated support of headrests and armrests that are padded for all-day comfort. It has a comfortable five-star base-seat that is made from reinforced resin with a 360-degree swivel.

 Customized options 

For a comfortable reclining position, this chair features the center-tilt mechanism, which rotates the chair’s seat and back together. It also has the tilt-tension, which controls the rate and ease of recline.


What more is, it is backed by the OFM Limited Lifetime Warranty. So, you can claim the warranty anytime you need.

Bottom line

OFM essentials collection high back office chair can be used in various fields due to its super luxurious style. It has contoured comfort with integrated support. Above all, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. These all specs are worth to buy with its cost.
  •   Multi-purpose usage
  •   OFM limited lifetime warranty
  •   Luxurious look
  •    The seat is not long enough to give any leg support


Buyers Guide

The Best office chairs for pregnancy is a thing that you should never make a compromise on. Never overcome its outcomes over its expense. It is the thing that will trouble-free you from body aches and discomforts during pregnancy, and can still be used to attain a comfy zone after pregnancy.

Although, it’s a bit skeptical about choosing the best office chairs for pregnancy, once owned, relief is all yours! Down there are the points which you should look for before getting the desired one.


Material is a factor that enhances durability, hence, counts more than it. While opting for the best pregnancy chair, do keep in mind that the material should be of high quality. If it is made of leather, do confirm it’s not a cheap Rexene but good quality leather. And do select the material that is easy for cleaning and good for maintenance.

So where there is plastic involved, it should be of top quality. And where metal is added, it should be super shiny, tough, and rust-free. These things should be taken into consideration if you want a quality life.


Pregnancy is one of the hard but most beautiful times in a woman’s life. Ups and downs in physical and mental health are part of this critical period. High grades, comfy styles, and wonderful designs hand high in leaving good mood swings. So your surroundings should be beautiful, attractive and super pregnant-friendly if you want to maintain your good mood and health.

Where everything matters, a beautiful and comfortable design of your office pregnancy chair, counts a lot. This is because you spend hours on it during your tough work routine.

So, if you are looking for an office pregnancy chair, never make a compromise on its design and comforts. It should be smooth, sleek, and super lovely so that you should love to work on it.

 Back Support 

According to an estimate, 25 to 35 Ib. Weight is gained by a woman during a healthy pregnancy. So, an additional weight load is there on the lower spine. That is why increased lower back pain is experienced by pregnant women.

Hence, to lower the injury risk and to have superior lumbar support, it is good to get an office chair back support for pregnancy. This will not only help you to maintain a good body posture but will mitigate the load on your spine. All in all, proper back support should be the prime priority while looking for an office chair for pregnancy.

 Neck Support 

Headaches and neck pains are common in pregnancy. This may be due to multiple mental and physical reasons. However, the prime physical cause is the increasing strain on the neck, upper spine, and shoulders due to increased body weight.

Hence, proper neck support is necessary, while doing office work, to support your upper body. That is why; you should look for the neck support while grabbing the best office chairs for pregnant ladies.

 Adjustable Mechanisms 

Adjustable mechanisms, in a chair, refers to the changes that you can make on your own for comfort purpose. From back support to height, it is good if an office chair for pregnancy offers several adjustments.

These adjustments are necessary for pregnant women because they provide you with the ability to adjust sitting positions, throughout the nine months. Especially in the arms area of the body and in the mid-body section.

Among these adjustments lies, adjustable armrests. With this feature, gain control over the chair arm support by which you can freely move around and can’t be static to a particular chair frame. It’s surely a pleasure to switch things up according to your comfort level.


One of the most important factors while choosing the right office chair for pregnancy is its durability. This factor will not only help you to carry your increasing weight but will make you hassle-free from the fright of collapses and fall downs.


Q1: How should an office chair sit comfortably when pregnant?

Try to keep your lower body at a right angle. Your feet should lie flat on the floor legs should never be crossed. Change your sitting posture after every 30 minutes. During office hours, adjust your chair height with that to your PC table to attain a comfy zone.

Q2: How can I stay comfortable at work while pregnant?

Sit on a comfortable office chair. Keep your workplace within your reach. Sit in with pregnant-friendly postures. All this will help you stay comfortable at work while pregnant.

Q3: Which sleeping position is best during pregnancy?

The left side is considered the ideal position for sleep during pregnancy. This posture of your body will allow the most favorable blood flow manner.

Q4: Is standing for 8 hours bad while pregnant?

Standing long for 8 hours during pregnancy may increase the risk of congenital disabilities, premature birth, low birth-weight, and stillbirth.

Q5: How many hours a week should a pregnant woman work?

Working hours should be set below 40 hours per week for pregnant ladies. Still, if you feel that these long hours are causing you physical and mental harm during your pregnancy, consult your doctor.



Every pregnant working woman must purchase the best office chairs for pregnancy for them. This was our detailed buying guide to help you. We started from the top 6 pregnancy chair reviews. Secondly, I wrote a complete buying guide. It had all the information that you need before buying an office chair for pregnancy.

We love the Magshion office desk chair, the most because it is beautiful and sleek and is designed to work in multiple fields. Above all, it is super comfy and is going to help you with your pregnancy times, and also after it.

But if you are looking for a classy business style chair that suits your profession, we recommend you go with the best OFM Essentials Collection High Back Office Chair.

I mentioned a few so that you will decide easily. To conclude, I tried to keep things simple. At this time, if you have more questions, feel free to ask.

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