Best Reclining Office Chairs Review and Buyer Guide 2022

Some people have hectic and strict schedule in-office hours, so they may get tired, or want some rest to relieve their stress. Some people also recline during thinking or taking a phone call. Some of the office chairs are uncomfortable and may cause back pain, disturb your blood circulation, and introduce neck problems.  We present you best reclining office chairs that are comfortable, durable, and have a reasonable price.

It’s time to begin.

Having a good comfortable chair can protect you from all of the above-listed issues. Our best reclining office chairs offer comfortable and easy reclining and excellent padding at the back to reduce back problems. Armrest and footrest also give relaxing effects to reduce your stress and feel comfortable in strict office hours.

Top Picks

JULYFOX 170 Reclining Chair
REFICCER Big Reclining Chair


Best Reclining Office Chairs

Best Reclining Office Chairs

We have spent our lot of time bringing you the best reclining office chairs available in the market. In this crowded and market, selecting the best suitable product is difficult because every user has its requirements. That’s why we have brought a half dozen best reclining office chairs which have excellent features. Have a detailed look and choose your best reclining office chair.

List Of Best Reclining Office Chairs

JULYFOX 170 Reclining Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
REFICCER Tall Reclining Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
RESPAWN 900 Reclining Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
WaterJoy Swivel Recliner Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
SMUGDESK Office Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. JULYFOX 170 Reclining Office Chair – Best Value option

Julyfox 170 is an executive and luxurious chair whose back can be locked for different modes between the angles of 90 – 170 degrees. Additionally, it consists of a footrest that is easy to operate. Keeping in view all these elements, this chair helps you in work and in taking a nap.


JULYFOX 170 Reclining Office Chair has an integrated steel frame. This chair is protected by PU leather, soft material and fade resistance, and easy to clean.

Best Reclining Office Chairs

Key features

 Adjuable angle 

This best reclining office chair’s main key feature is that it can be set at any angle between 90 – 170 degrees. You can select 90 degrees during working and 170 degrees for taking a rest.


Thinking about the size, it is 25.4L x 25.4W x 41-44H, the chair’s height from floor to seat is 19 to 21 inches, and the chair’s weight is 265 lbs. This chair is assembling quickly and easily. The seating area is 20D x 20.5W inches, and the backrest is 20W x 27H inches.


If you talk about the chair’s comfort, we say that it is filled with a high-density memory sponge that helps you sit comfortably for many hours.

 Smooth movement 

The wheels of the chairs have a metal base having a smooth five rolling nylon caster. This helps in the chair’s smooth movement in any direction and keeps the chair from scratching on the floor.

 Lumbar support 

Julyfox 1 recycling chair has comfortable lumbar support, a removable lumbar pillow, an adjustable height adjusted according to the body’s shape, a seat cushion, and an increased natural curve of the spine.

Bottom Line

JULYFOX 170 Reclining Office Chair has all of the required properties of a comfortable chair. You can be suited for home and office use due to its design and shape. The chair’s leather is strong and durable, which will offer a long-lasting comfortable experience to the user.
  • Soft leather material that is durable and easy to clean
  • Stable thick footrest
  • Wide recycling angle
  • Comfortable lumbar support
  • Backrest only recycle not tilt
  • Armrests are not height adjustable


2. REFICCER Tall Reclining Office Chair – Strong Construction

In the REFICCER reclining office chair, you can adjust the angle between 90 to 175 degrees. This best reclining office chair can handle the considerable weight. It is adjustable for height according to user comfort. You can also adjust the lumbar support to reduce back pain.


The chair’s base is composed of heavy metal and nylon rolling caster, due to which the chair moves quickly. The chair is covered with leather that looks elegant and unique in any office. This material makes the chair comfortable and healthy for the best experience.

Best Reclining Office Chairs

Key features

 High back 

The REFICCER reclining office chair has a high back that gives the support for convenience and comfort. This chair consists of a waterfall seat edge and padding that creates less pressure on the back of your legs so you can sit comfortably on a chair for hours.

 Adjustable lumbar support 

It has a feature of built-in adjustable lumbar support having a lumbar knob that can be controlled to decrease or increase the pressure on the back of your legs. You can also adjust the angle between 90 to 175 degrees according to your comfort.


REFICCER chair consists of a footrest that can be flip over or pull out based on the user’s need. The assembling of this chair is easy and can set up quickly. Also, this chair can handle 400 lbs. weight. The size of the chair is 28.3 x 25.6 x 48 inches, weighing 25.5 Kilograms.

 Convenient for the users 

This chair is made conveniently for the users. It is a perfect chair on which you can satisfy quickly. REFICCER reclining office chair is designed so that both tall and big people can use it.

Bottom Line
REFICCER office chair is specially designed for the sober person because it can handle 400 pounds weight due to its robust construction material. Moreover, the chair is also flexible and has lumbar support and comfortable sitting to the user.
  • Easily adjusted at an angle of 175 degrees for the rest
  • Adjustable lumbar pillow
  • Comfortable chair
  • Thick bonded leather
  • Narrow footrest’
  • Seat cushions are hard


3. Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner – Stylish Pick

Flush furniture is one of the market’s leading brands in making chairs and other furniture products for more than 20 years. This best reclining office chair offers you comfort and joy while watching a movie, reading a book, or simply lying down on it. Many features such as ottoman liver and wood base make this chair more superior than the others.


Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner chair’s back material is made up of leather/faux leather. The chair’s construction is of Mahogany wood, and the chair’s exterior is made up of foam.

Key Features

 Ottoman and footrest 

A most fantastic feature of this chair is the ottoman set present with the chair’s single price. The chair included a detachable and comfortable footrest. You can easily rest by placing your feet on the ottoman by adjusting the chair’s lever and moving the ottoman to the desired place.


An integrated headrest is also embedded on the back of the chair. This headrest is not too hard and neither too soft. The headrest can be very useful while reading a book or resting and relaxing on the chair.

 Padded Arms 

Moreover, to facilitate the user, a chair has padded arms. You cannot relax in the right way if your arms are not in a state of proper rest. This recliner has an upholstered armrest so that you can rest your arms in the right way.

 Smooth movement 

Ball-bearing based swivel base is present for the easy and smooth movement of the chair. The chair’s style is also exquisite and attractive that suits all interior design types due to its contemporary design.

Bottom Line

Based on the customer review, this chair gets many positive feedbacks, which proves its comfortable structure and durability. The chair’s price is also very much reasonable, so it is the best option for you to find a comfortable chair on a meagre budget.
  • Beautiful vintage design
  • Mahogany Wood Base
  • Recliner and Ottoman Set
  • Crevices in the design of the chair capture debris and crumbs
  • Low weight capacity


4. RESPAWN 900 Reclining Chair -Premium Choice

RSP 900 reclining chair is a non-wheeled chair and used to fit at a specific position. This best reclining office chair is available with a cup holder and also consists of a footrest. This chair provides you with more comfort while sitting for an hour. It is easy to clean and assemble quickly.


The base of the chair is cone-shaped, having a metal frame on which leather is wrapped. The seat of the chair is covered flux-leather that provides comfort to the user.

Key features


RESPAWN 900 Reclining Chair comes with a segmented padding and removable headrest pillow that helps lay back by doing the level up.

 Side pouch 

This chair is most suitable for gaming practice. It consists of a removable side pouch that allows the left arm to keep close to the game controllers. This chair also comes with a built-in cupholder at the left arm, so you do not need to stop the game to refuel.

 Adjustable angle 

In RESPAWN 900 Reclining Chair, you can smoothly recline up to 135 degrees in which you feel comfortable.


The chair’s dimensions are 35.04 x 30.71 x 44.88 inches, while the product’s weight is 48.5 Pounds. It can easily withstand the weight of 275 pounds.

Bottom Line

RESPAWN 900 Reclining Chair is best suited for the gaming persons that require a comfortable chair during gamming. This chair has all those properties that the ideal gaming chair can have. So, if you are a gaming person, then this chair will be perfect for you.
  • Quickly assemble and easy to clean
  • It consists of a cup holder
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Clever design
  • Non-wheeled, fixed at a specific position
  • Not stable as a conventional recliner


5. WaterJoy Swivel Recliner Chair – Budget choice

WaterJoy is one of the elegant design best reclining office chairs that have extra reclining features. It is easy to clean, water-resistance, and sturdy. This chair is comfortable and set up quickly. It is a dual-set that consists of an ottoman to support the legs and a reclining chair.


The chair’s casing is made up of steel that makes it stable to withstand 330 lbs. weight. The chair is covered with PU leather that is durable and easy to clean. This material also looks shiny and elegant.

Key Features


Many different features are associated with the Waterjoy Swivel Recliner chair. This chair has a comfortable ottoman, which gives a soothing touch to your feet. The contemporary recliner and ottoman of the chair provide a comfortable and relaxing effect when you are tired.

 Adjustable postures 

You can relax on the chair with the adjustable postures and rocking, reclining, and chair swivelling features. Easy movement of 360 degrees is providing by the reclining and swivel mechanism. So, you do not need to get up from the chair to anything in the room.

 Seat’s backrest 

The seat’s backrest can be easily adjusted to 95, 110, and 135 degrees, depending upon the ease and desire. You can change the angle easily with the side knob present below the chair. It is also perfectly padded from the back, neck, and sitting position to facilitate comfortable seating.


Furthermore, the chair’s PU leather is durable, smooth, and easy to clean with just a few cloth wipes. The construction material is also shiny and elegant; that’s why it is suitable for any home design.

Bottom Line

Waterjoy Swivel Recliner chair is a multipurpose chair that can be adjusted in many places like the living room, office, club, leisure area, bedroom, and study room. The chair offers a relaxed and comfortable setting with the swivel, ottoman, and armrest with good head and neck support.
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy and water-resistance
  • Comfortable and elegant design
  • Assembly of a chair is easy
  • The height of the chair is not changeable
  • Non-wheeled, fix at a specific position


6. SMUGDESK Office Chair -Best comfortable design

If you are viewing for a lightweight and comfortable chair, SMUGDESK Office Chair is the best option. This chair has many excellent features to give comfort, like a headrest, armrest, and footrest. A unique feature about this chair is its air breathability due to its mesh type construction.


SMUGDESK Office Chair is constructed of mesh. That’s why the chair has air-breathing properties.

Key features

 Supporting features 

SMUGDESK Office Chair has several supporting key features, such as a multifunctional headrest, supporting head and neck. Hence, using this best reclining office chair can solve your neck problems and eliminate stress by offering comfort.

 Comfortable footrest 

Not most of the office chairs have a comfortable footrest to relax your legs from heavy work at any time you need. The length of the footrest is adjustable and be adjusted according to the height of the user. This makes it suitable for both teenagers and adults.

  Ergonomic armrest 

Another comfortable feature about this chair is the ergonomic armrest, which is adjustable according to its needs.  Armrest provides comfortable arm support for many different sitting positions. Due to this feature, the chair offers comfortable and easy sitting for sedentary people.

 Mesh design 

The back of the chair is made of mesh, which allows air-breathing. Due to this structure, air flows through the chair and avoid sweating on the back.  Hence breathable cushion and mesh back offer you relaxed and comfortable sitting for a long time.

 Easy to assemble 

The chair assembled easily and quickly. You can quickly assemble your chair by following the instructions in the user manual.

Bottom Line

SMUGDESK Office Chair is best suited for those people who have a hard life in the office. The chair offers ease and comfort to the user. Moreover, the price of this chair is also reasonable. The headrest, armrest, and mesh design of this chair make it the best reclining office chair.
  • Breathable backrest, which is adjustable
  • Easy Assembly
  • Pivoting headrest
  • Thirty days of money back and one-year replacement warranty
  • Lumbar support is not removable
  • A cushion of the seat is less thick


Buying Guide For Best Reclining Office Chairs

Do you know about the essential features of the best reclining office chair? It would help if you chose a chair that has durable material and gives comfort to you. This chair must look nice in every place. This chair must be adjusted at different positions for working or for taking a rest. Now, we discuss some features that must be present in a reclining office chair.

 Support and comfort 

The first thing that must be check in the chair is comfortable. You must check the seat and other parts of the chair, and they must be comfortable. It would help if you bought the chair that comes with lumbar support and padding.

In addition to these features, some chair also consists of armrest and headrest that provides you with more comfort. Moreover, the footrest also gives you more comfort to relax your feet.


This factor should also be considered while buying the best reclining office chair. Reclining office chairs must be easy to install, and it takes only 10 to 15 minutes.


By buying must check the material of the chair it must be good. The chair should have a strong metal base and bars smooth and heavy-duty rolling caster, and high-quality plastic. These features make the chair reliable and durable.

 Weight capacity 

You should choose the best reclining office chair that is capable of bearing considerable weight. If the chair has low weight capacity, then there are more chances that it breakdown early.

 Inclining and Reclining Backrest 

Having an office seat that slants and even reclines is critical for conveying pressure in your lower back. Finding the most agreeable circumstance to watch a film, or regardless, taking a smart rest.  There are a couple of kinds of inclining and recline components in office seats, the most generally perceived being:

 Basic Tilting 

With major inclining, armrest, and backrest all move as one backwards. This is usually not supported in an office seat, as it suggests your entire lower body and arms will be slanted upwards as well, making it difficult for your vision to remain to compare to the floor.

 Multi-work Tilt Mechanism 

In multi-work inclining, the seat and backrest can be slanted unreservedly of each other to change the supported plot for both. While on a fundamental level this is superior to inclining, by far most will find a fantastic tilt system all that anybody could require, without the additional changes expected to change the seat and backrest edges autonomously.

 Reclining backrest 

A reclining backrest overall suggests a backrest with a genuine degree of recline, by and large, 135 degrees or over. Search for reclining backrests that can be rushed at any edge between the two territories for extraordinary flexibility, as found in the High Back Executive Swivel Chair.

Best Reclining Office Chairs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a reclining chair reduce back pain?

Yes, the best reclining office chairs are suitable to reduce back pain. This chair reduces the pressure on your back when you are working. This decrease in pressure helps in reducing back pain.

Is it suitable to sleep on the reclining chair?

Yes, it is suitable to sleep on a reclining chair but for a short time. It is not recommended to sleep on this chair for a long time because this creates pressure on your back if you sleep for a longer time.

How to clean the chair?

Cleaning is necessary for the best reclining office chair. The chair is made up of soft material. The chair’s material is not waterproof, so you are advised to clean it with a damp cloth to remove the dust.

Should we buy an electric recliner chair?

An electric recliner is a power recliner that has controlled movement. So, they are under less stress and have a longer life span than the manual ones. However, their price is high due to the power system in them.

At which angle should we recline on the chair?

Researchers have reported that at the 135-degree position, less stress is applied on the spine; hence it is the best angle to recline. Most of the best reclining office chairs offer 135-degree angle with footrest. So, you can easily rest on your chair.



A reclining chair is an excellent thing to have in the office. Best reclining office chairs can help relieve your stress and offers you comfortable sitting during your work. Finding the best reclining office chair is not difficult; you can easily find the best reclining office chair from any furniture market or buy it from an online store.

When selecting your best reclining office chair, keep in mind the points mentioned in the buying guide. Also, our selection of the products will help you a lot in this regard.







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