How to Raise Office Chair Without Lever?

When it comes to an office chair, it arrives in different shapes and sizes that suit every person. People use them for gaming purposes, for executives, or office workers. While you can always find the perfect office chair for your use, adjustments are crucial for it.

People sit for long hours in an office chair. So, it should be in the most comforting position. Height adjustment is a key factor to enhance comfort. Modern chairs come with a level to adjust the height. However, there are still many older office chairs that come without a lever.

Adjusting an office chair without a lever is different. So, in this article, we will learn some easy steps to allow you to adjust your office chair. The better you adjust it, the more comfortable you will sit on your chair.

Raise Office Chair Without Lever

Find Correct Height for My Chair?

Before you proceed to adjust the height of the chair, the first question is to check what is the best height. The best height differs for each person. It also differs because of office settings, table height, and other things. So, you must find the best height for you.

  • Adjust according to your table setting. You must set a bit higher if the keyboard and other stuff are far on the table. Desks height also impacts your best height.
  • When you sit on the chair, your feet should be in square position against the floor. The thighs should be horizontal while the legs angle should be 90 degrees.
  • When you find the best height, mark it, and stand. Now, we will adjust the height.

Since we are talking about chairs that comes without a lever, we will look for other ways to adjust the height. There are three common ways to adjust the height. We will discuss them all in detail here. You must remember that comfort is our priority.

Clockwise and Anticlockwise Movement

Most chairs that don’t come with a lever, may offer these type of clock movements. You can move your chair in any direction to adjust its height.

  1. The first thing to do is to stand up from your chair. We know that we can adjust the height of chairs with levers even during sitting. However, when you are adjusting the height of older chairs, you must stand up first.
  2. Now you must turn your chair manually in each direction. In clock movement and anticlockwise, your chair will start to move up and down. Note down which side turning to increase the height and keep turning until you reach the best height.
  3. Once you adjust the chair, sit on it to check your sitting posture. If you get the right comfort level, then congrats. If you see some unrest, it is better to readjust.
  4. Repeat the same steps in point two until you get the best position. Sit down on the chair to check your new position to confirm.

Under-Chair Bolt Movement

Under the chair, bolt movements are the second common type of adjustments in chairs without levers. In these chairs, you can see a bolt is located at the bottom of the chair. You must again stand up from your chair to adjust it. Once you stand up from your chair, you must follow these simple steps to adjust the height.

  1. You know the right position, so stand up and start to adjust the bolt under your chair. Turning the bolt will up or down the chair height. Have a check on the movement and stop when you get the right height.
  2. Sit on the chair to check if you got the best position. If the position is comforting, then congrats for the best position. However, if you need further changing, stand up from your position to manage it better.
  3. Repeat step 1 as long as you get your required height. Once you get the best position, sit on the chair, and confirm if you are ok.

Back Height Movement

Many chairs will allow you to change the back of the chair and your chair arms. To get the best chair sitting position, adjusting the arms is also crucial. So, you must check if your chair has limited or full options to adjust the back and arms.

Some chair’s backrest will allow you front and back movements while others will also allow you up and down. You can even adjust the recline of your chair in some models. So, the main idea is similar here too.

Adjusting the arms and back height further adds to the comfort. Based on the options that you get, keep the parts turning until you get the best position. Check your comfort by sitting on your chair and managing it.


Q:How to raise a chair with a lever?

Changing the chair height with a lever is very simple. If you want to lover the height, place your weight on the chair and change the lever. If you want to increase the height, just remove your height from the chair, move the lever as much as you need height.

Q:Can we raise an office chair without a lever?

Though it is not very simple, you can change the height of office chairs without a lever. You can use bolt movements or also move in clockwise movements to adjust the height.

Q:Can I adjust the arms of my chair?

Some chairs will also allow you to change the back height and arms of your chair. These are simple settings and will further enhance your comfort on the chair.

Q:What is a tilt lock on my office chair?

Tilt allows you to keep your chair in the same position and won’t let it tilt often. Thus, if you will get the best position for your sitting.


If your chair has no lever, then you might be thinking about how to adjust its height. So, in this article, we mentioned some of the main ways to adjust your chair’s height even without a lever. The best posture will allow you to sit on a chair for long hours. So, we will recommend you adjust your chair’s height in the most comfortable position.

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